About us..

A few words about myself: I am 57 years old, and married to Ritva, who I met at university more than thirty years ago. We have one daughter, Mimmi. We live in a small suburban town on the Baltic coast, 25 miles north of Stockholm. We are keen sailors and spent four weeks every summer cruising in the Baltic. The Baltic is very nice to sailors: Outside Stockholm is an archipelago of more than ten thousand islands which give you sheltered waters and somewhere to go, and we have no tides to worry about!

My wife Ritva. In addition to being a keen sailor she is also a fanatic golfer, and is involved in local politics. When she finds the time, she works in the head office of a major life insurance corporation.

Thats me trying to look seamanlike at the helm of our 28ft cruising sloop "Necessity". Another hobby is model railroading and (American) railroad history. My main interest is the logging railroads of the Pacific Northwest forests. I work for VINNOVA, a government agency which sponsors industrially relevant research (the nearest equivalent would be parts of the U.S. National Science Foundation).

Our daughter Mimmi on holiday somewhere in the South Pacific. She is enrolled in a nursing college and studying to become a RN. She seems to enjoy it - even changing bedpans during her first round of practical work experience ( I think they start off new students at this end to weed out those who are not cut out for this kind of work...). She is also interested in horses, and keeps several pet reptiles in her room.

For two centuries my ancestors worked as blacksmiths in the iron-making districts of central Sweden, which were to become the cradle of Swedish industry. My grandfather moved from the iron mill to a small town, and, together with his brother, ran a small mechanical workshop. My father spent his whole career in what was to become one of Sweden´s major multinational engineering firms, ASEA, (now part of ABB).

Looking back with the hindsight of middle age, I am amazed by how much my life´s choices have been influenced by my father and grandfather. Although I tried to "be different" by taking a master´s degree in psychology, I specialized in industrial psychology and have been working among engineers ever since (my father specialized in work organization..). Many happy hours spent as a kid in my grandfather´s workshop created an interest in both the history of technology and in practical mechanics, which I now both apply to model railroading.

My father was also a radio amateur, and this played an important part in discovering our family history..


Genealogy is a fairly recent interest on my part. My father had started tracing the family history, and when he passed away in 1993, I took over his files. This was at the same time as the Internet started to develop, and most of the information I have has been gathered by sharing information this way and searching various archives. I must admit I have never looked at a church record myself.. As I discovered how large a share of the family emigrated to the US I have taken a special interest in finding our "American cousins".

The only US relatives we have met in person are Roy and Alma Johnson in La Jolla. My parents went to Minnesota in 1984 and met members of that branch of the family. The rest of my contacts are persons I have found over the Internet and who I keep in touch with that way. Next time we go, of course, we will have to meet relatives all the way from Boston to Silicon Valley, with stopovers in Minnesota, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah etc., so we are saving for "the grand tour".

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